Key Changes
1 Finding and identifying your ball (Rule 7) Player can lift ball to identify
No longer penalty if a player accidentally moves his ball whilst searching for it. No need to inform partners before lifting ball to identify it. Only 3 minutes to search for the ball.
Mark ball before it is lifted
Can only be cleaned enough to identify it

Replacing Ball (Rule 14) Mark ball before it is lifted. Replace on original spot. If the original spot is not known it must be estimated.
2 Lifting and returning a ball to play (Rule 14) Dropping a ball in taking relief
Must be dropped straight down from knee height Use original ball or another
Must be dropped in a relief area and come to rest in the relief area
Must not touch player / equipment before hitting ground
Knee height - means the height of the player's knee when in a standing position

3 Relief Area Identify the reference point from which the relief area is measured. The relief area;
Used when obtaining free or penalty relief is either 1 or 2 club lengths (longest club exc putter) from the reference point depending on the rule.
Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point.
Must ensure no interference from the condition (when taking relief)
May have to be in certain defined area of the course.

4 Abnormal Course Conditions - (Rule 16) Animal holes (hole dug by any animal except worms and insects).
Drop without penalty GUR.
Immovable Obstructions.
Temporary water (casual water).
Reference point is the nearest point of complete relief in general area.
Relief Area: is 1 club length, must be in the general area, not nearer the hole and provides complete relief.

5 Relief for Ball in Bunker (Abnormal Course Conditions - (Rule 16)) Drop without penalty - nearest point of relief must be in bunker. Relief area must be in bunker.
Drop under penalty - drop outside the bunker back on line relief 1 stroke penalty.

6 Penalty Area - Rule 17 (replace water hazards) any area of water on the course (except temporary water).
Any other part of the course defined by the committee.
Player can touch and remove loose impediments.
Player can ground a club.

7 Penalty Areas relief options - rule 17 Relief options with 1 penalty shot.
Stroke & distance relief.
Back on the line relief.
Lateral relief RED penalty area only: 2 club length relief area.
No longer allowed relief on the opposite margin of a red penalty area unless local rule.
For ball in penalty area no relief for abnormal ground conditions - play ball as it lies or proceed under rule 17.

8 Out of bounds & Lost Ball Rule 18 Only 3 minutes to search for the ball.
Stroke and distance relief still applies - Teeing area and all other areas 1 club length relief area at point last played from.

9 New local rule option Drop ball in a relief area near to where ball thought to be lost or crossed the course boundary - 2 stroke penalty. NOT FOR HANDICAP QUALIFYING COMPS.
10 Unplayable Ball - Rule 19 Relief options under 1 shot penalty
Stroke and distance.
Back on line 1 club length relief area.
Lateral relief: 2 club length relief area from where the ball lay.
11 New additional relief option for bunkers For a 2 shot penalty player may drop back on line outside the bunker.
May now remove loose impediments (as well as movable obstructions).
•Still not allowed to touch the sand to test its condition.

Still not allowed to touch the sand with a club; right in front/behind the ball or on the backswing for a stroke or
On a practice swing.
12 Putting Green -Rule 13 Damage Can repair:
Ball marks, spike marks.
Old hole plugs, turf plugs, seams of cut turf.
Animal tracks or hoof marks.
Can remove embedded objects.
Cannot repair:
Aeration Holes or verti-cutting grooves.
Damage from irrigation or rain.
Bare or diseased areas or natural wear of the hole.
13 Putting Green –Rule 13 Ball Moved Accidentally causing a ball to move: No Penalty -Replace ball.
Ball moved by natural forces (e.g. wind).
No penalty
If ball had been lifted & replaced then replace the ball where it lay.
If ball had not been lifted & replaced, play it as it lies.

14 Flagstick–Rule 13 Flagstick may be left in the hole including for a stroke from on the putting green.
Can still remove or have it attended:
•Must decide before making a stroke.
•No Penalty if ball hits flagstick in the hole.
•No Penalty if ball accidentally hits a removed flagstick.
•Play the ball as it lies.
15 Accidentally hitting ball more than once: No penalty.
16 Caddie cannot stand behind player from when player begins to take their stance.
17 If the ball hits the player/caddie/equipment accidentally; play it as it lies (usually). No penalty.
18 Distance Measuring Devices; allowed unless a local rule prohibits them.

19 Interference from wrong green includes stance & swing.
20 Relief for embedded ball available in the general area.
21 Ready Golf in Stroke Play. Playing out of turn in a safe and responsible way to assist pace of play.
Holing out a short putt.
Playing before helping a fellow competitor in a ball search.
Playing first if fellow competitor still to arrive at their ball.
Playing first if fellow competitor considering a difficult shot.

2019 Rules of Golf Terms

2016 Rules of Golf term 2019 Rules of Golf Terms
Casual waterTemporary Water
Conditions of CompetitionTerms of the Competition
Environmentally Sensitive AreaNo Play Zone
Nearest Point of ReliefNearest Point of Complete Relief
Outside AgencyOutside Influence
Teeing Ground Teeing Area
Through the Green General Area
The Specific Areas - Bunkers, The Teeing Area, The Putting Green , Penalty Areas
Water HazardPenalty Area
Wrong Putting Green Wrong Green
Dropping Ball Knee height - means the height of the player's knee when in a standing position.
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